Friday, April 01, 2005

April 12, the deadline for extradition

BELGRADE -- Friday – The Serbian government has released a statement announcing that the deadline for the extradition of Sreten Lukic and Nebojsa Pavkovic to The Hague Tribunal is April 12.

On this date, a meeting of the European Commission is scheduled in Brussels where the decision on Serbia-Montenegro's Feasibility Study will be made. President of the National Hague Cooperation Council, Rasim Ljajic, said that Lukic will be released from the hospital in several days.

“After that, he will travel to the Tribunal accompanied by physicians and ministers." Ljajic said.

Ljajic said that a meeting has been held with the physicians who operated on Lukic in order to precisely document the treatment that Lukic needs to continue receiving at The Hague. He will be treated by physicians from Rotterdam, specifically hired for the job.

He said that there was no discussion at the meeting of dates and deadlines because it was unnecessary.

“The physicians will decide when his state of health will be stable enough and will decide when Lukic will be able to leave the hospital. It will only take several more days." Ljajic said.

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