Friday, April 01, 2005

Conditional independence is the best way forward for Kosovo

Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi had a meeting today with members of European parliament Jost Lagendijk and Paolo Bergamashi, where status of Kosovo and the implementation of standards was the main subject. After the meeting with the Prime Minister, Lagendjik said the conditional independence for Kosovo is the best way forward.
“I came here for two things. I am one of the members of EP which supports conditional independence for Kosovo. I have said this two years ago, and I think this is still the best way forward”, said Lagendjik. He added that the Kosovo Government should be ready in the technical and the political level. The Government should know what to expect from the negotiations, the statuesque is not an option and things should move forward, said Lagendijk.
Meanwhile Prime Minister Kosumi said the he talked with Mr. Lagendijk about the relationship between the Government and the opposition, implementation of standards and for the steps the government will take to start negotiation for the independence of the country. He added that now is the time to think about how the country will function.

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