Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fischer: The status of Kosovo requires International consensus

Prishtina, Kosovo- German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, said today in Prishtina that the status of Kosovo requires an international consensus. After meeting the heads ok Kosovo institutions, KFOR and UNMIK, Fischer said the implementation of standards and the protections minorities are the prerequisite for opening up the negotiation for the final status of Kosova.
After the meeting with the President of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, Fischer said that until the final status is decided, Kosova should go through three stages: “implementation of standards, decentralization and evaluation of the standards during the summer of this year”.
Fischer said the he would like to see the continuation of processes that have been started, protection of minorities and the implementation of the standards set by international community. “The future of Kosova is important for all the people who live in Kosova” Fischer added.
Meanwhile during the meeting with the Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi, the two talked about the need to create a consensus between the opposition and the government. Fischer and Kosumi agreed that the opposition and the government should work together for a free and democratic Kosovo. Prime Minister Kosumi thanked the German people for the help they have given to the people of Kosova. RTK

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