Monday, April 11, 2005

"Independent Kosovo" gathering momentum

The Independence of Kosovo is certain
Slovenia, Ljublana: “The idea of Independence Kosovo is gaining prominence in the International community”, writes in the today’s edition of Ljubljana’s daily, Delo, the director of the Institute of Strategic Studies, Borut GrgiƧ. He adds that “the arguments for this position [independence] are powerful”.

Delo writes that the final status is only a correct political expression for the independence of Kosovo, and Belgrade must give in, as the international community has decided to bring quickly the Kosovo's issue to an end.

According to Delo, the talks between Prishtina and Belgrade will begin soon. They will be held in Brdo near Kranj in Slovenia . RTK

Meanwhile,Koha Ditore reports on the front page today that the International Commission for the Balkans is drafting a report on the future of the region in Europe.

The document proposes that during the first two stages Kosovo should gain independence from Serbia in 2005-2006, and it should be recognized as an independent entity. However it will not enjoy complete sovereignty, as human rights and protection of minorities would remain reserved for the international community.

The commission foresees that during the third stage Kosovo will be recognized as a candidate for EU membership.

And the fourth stage means complete sovereignty. Koha Ditore

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