Saturday, April 02, 2005

PM Kosumi asks Albanian Government for support

“The future of Kosova will be Independence, and the government together with the people, should work with all their energies, to achieve the standards set by the international community”. This was the essence of today’s discussion between the President of Albania Alfred Moisiu and PM of Kosova Bajram Kosumi.
“The definition of the status of Kosova will bring calm and stability in the Balkans”- declared President Moisiu, adding that the status should be decide by citizens of Kosova, including minorities, in cooperation with the international community. The Albanian President saluted the maturity of the political class and the citizens of Kosova, and said “the people and the government of Kosova are giving the right signals”, adding that Kosova does deserve to be integrated in Europe.
PM Kosumi said that the last moth was very difficult for Kosova, but it gave us a good image of our country. We are building a democracy and working hard to respect the rule of law. Kosumi told the President that he is very determent to work for the implementation of the governments program, with priorities in standards and economic development so that negotiations for the final status of Kosova can begin this year. Kosumi said the he values the role the Albanian President has played in stabilizing the region and asked from Albania to keep supporting Kosova on her difficult journey.

Meanwhile in another meeting with the Albanian Prime Minister, Fatos Nano, Kosumi said the Independence is our democratic right. Oh the other side, PM Nano said that he supports the definition of the status of Kosova and its integration in Europe in as little time as possible.
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