Friday, April 22, 2005

Serb Politician threaten for supporting Kosovo’s Independence

Goran Svilanovic, Former Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro, has called on Serbs to "live in reality".

BELGRADE -- Thursday – The youth group of the Power of Serbia Movement protested and displayed posters in front of the parliament building today in protest of Goran Svilanovic.

The reason behind the protest is Svilanovic’s controversial stance of showing support for the independence of Kosovo. The Serbian Radical Party has also filed criminal charges against Svilanovic to the Belgrade district court for compromising national territorial issues.

The anti-Svilanovic posters depict Svilanovic’s face over a map of Kosovo with an Albanian hat on his head, and the message “Stop the Falling Apart of Serbia.”

Both the Power of Serbia Movement and the Serbian Radical Party have denounced Svilanovic’s stance on the Kosovo crisis, stating that the former foreign affairs minister is for the independence of Kosovo.

Radical Party official Aleksandar Vucic said that while Svilanovic was foreign affairs minister, “he stated his stance that it is necessary to give Kosovo independence” and therefore committed the crime for which they filed charges against him.

“The foundation is based on what he did between 2000 and 2003 while he was foreign affairs minister because that confirms that he had the same political views in 1999 and as we have stated in the charges, that he supported the independence of Kosovo. Everyone has to answer for that, but we have asked for him not to answer as a national official or a regular citizen, but to answer for what he did while he was foreign affairs minister. And he will have to answer for that.” Vucic said.

Svilanovic told B92 that “those people who are protesting” are not ready to face the catastrophic results of the politics which they created or supported in the last ten years, which are responsible for the current crisis in Kosovo.

“Those who are protesting today are the last people who would have the right to say even one word about it, because while they are talking about getting closer to EU integration and offering guarantees for Serbs, they are ignoring the reality in the region and will wait another five or ten years until all the Serbs have moved out of the region because of constant violence being committed against them, all the while under the claims that they were against this sort of thing happening.” Svilanovic said.

Svilanovic’s party, the Serbian Civil Council, has asked those people whose politics helped destroy the country in 1999 and separate Kosovo from Serbia, to stop attacking Svilanovic.

“Such defenders of Kosovo that are relaxing in Belgrade with the privileges that politics have brought to them should return their extra profits and money from exotic islands that they had relocated during the 90s, which was taken from the pockets of the Serbian people.” the party states. B92

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