Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Serbia trying to stir chaos in Kosovo

The latest incidents in Kosovo have given the international and local politicians in Kosova a cause for concerned. First there was the mysteries assassination attempt on March 21 targeting the President of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova. The bomb exploded on the side of the street while his convoy passed by. Rugova escaped unhurt, but police have yet to discover the perpetrator of this criminal act. The second troubling act happened on April 14, when assassins spray-bulleted a car in which the brother of Former PM, Ramush Haradinaj, was killed. There is been a week since that incident happened, and police have yet to uncover any leads.
The latest incident happened on April 17, and this time the target was the opposition party lead by Veton Surroi, Once again police have not reported any leads. You see a pattern? I do.

All the attacks are directed across the political spectrum in Kosovo: The President, The Prime Minister and the Opposition. Who could possibly have a motive to attack people across the political spectrum? Who could have the capability of committing the act and leaving no trace behind? Anybody thought about Serb involvement? The answer is very troubling, but it needs to be considered seriously by the NATO and UNMIK in Kosovo. It seems like the he Serb Government has given the green light to its Intelligence Services to cause trouble in Kosovo. In recent months the Serbian government has become very frustrated with its inability to stop Kosovo from moving towards Independence. They may have very well decided that chaos is the only venue they have to prevent Kosovo from becoming Independent. By causing chaos, Serbs want to prolong the status of Kosovo until more favorable times. At the same time, Serbian government hopes that this will prove to international community that Kosovo cannot govern itself.

Serbian Government has said the it will do anything to prevent Kosovo from becoming Independet.

The Serb government has a very strong motive to commit acts like this. But does it have the capability to do so? After all there are that many Serbs in Kosovo to commit all these organized acts! The answer is yes. The Serb Intelligence community has continued to maintain a relationship with those previous Albanians whom it calls “loyal citizens”. The Kosovo Police and KFOR needs to investigate claims that “loyal Albanians” who may be on the payroll of the Serb Intelligence Community, are committing these acts. Serbs certainly have a motive to commit these acts- KFOR and Kosovo police need to prove the facts-whatever they are!

Ferik Ferizaj


Anonymous said...

Xaxa- very funny! So "The Big Bad Serbs" are to be blamed again?! As always! There are 95% of Albanians on Kosovo, there are international forces and somebody suggests that 5% of Serbs are able to organise and to make all those crimes!?!...
Better blame Albanians for incompetence, for the only goal they have is to become independent - however they have no idea what they will do with this "independence" ...

Former_KFOR_Soldier said...

No one is accusing Kosovo Serbs off having been involved in these incidents. Read it again-all it says is "Serbian Intelligence" acting though, what Serbs call “loyal Albanians" may be involved. That doesn't necessary mean Kosovo Serbs. With my limited knowledge of the region, I would not exclude the possibility of the Serbian Intelligence involvement. Take it easy!