Monday, April 04, 2005

Two Serb generals extradited to the Hague Tribunal

THE HAGUE -- Monday – General Sreten Lukic was transferred to The Hague today.
There was much discussion of whether he was going to be extradited this weekend. President of The Hague Cooperation Council, Rasim Ljajic, guaranteed that Lukic would be taken to The Hague as soon as he was released from the hospital, while on the other hand, Lukic had stated that he has not made a decision yet and that his health is his first priority.
The Serbian government has announced that his medical records have been delivered to The Hague Tribunal, and that the court’s medical commission decided that he was well enough to be extradited.
“President of the Medical Commission Miodrag Ostojic sent a letter to President of the Hague Cooperation Council, Rasim Ljajic, stating that the report from the international medical commission is valid. After the successful medical intervention on behalf of Lukic’s physicians, Ljajic sent to the Tribunal a recommendation for further treatment, and the Tribunal informed Lukic that conditions for adequate medical treatment exist for him in The Hague.” according to the government’s statement.
The Serbian government will give guarantees in order to have Lukic released from confinement before his trial begins, adding that all needed medical treatment will be available to him as well.

Meanwhile another indicteed Bosnian Serb General,Ljubomir Borovcanin , who turned himself in last week, traveled to the Hague today.
His flight took off at noon from the Belgrade airport and was accompanied by Serbian Local Administrations Minister Zoran Loncar and Republic of Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Darko Matijasevic. Borovcanin turned himself in to the Serbian government on March 29, after speaking with Serbian Justice Minister Zoran Stojkovic and Minister Matijasevic.
The Serbian government has given guarantees for Brovcanin's eventual release before his trial begins and will provide financial support for his family.
He is accused of genocide, murder and crimes against humanity perpetrated during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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