Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UK Ambassador: Independence for Kosovo is an open option

British envoy to Belgrade, David Gowan

Prishtina, Kosovo[Kosova]-UK ambassador in Belgrade, David John Gowan, said today in Prishtina that the Independence of Kosovo is an open option. He said he supports the conclusion of Contact Group Plus, which states that the Independence of Kosovo is one of the options to solve the status of Kosovo.
Gowan meet today in Prishtina with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Bajram Kosumi. They talked about the latest developments in Kosovo and implementation of standards. The international community has said that a positive evaluation of standards is necessary to open negotiations for the final status of Kosovo. “Independence is one of the options for the future status of Kosovo. We are trying very hard to define the final status of Kosovo, but we need a big commitment from Kosovar politicians” said Gowan. RTK

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