Sunday, May 15, 2005

American bases in Bulgaria?

American bases in Bulgaria?

“United States of America will use there Bulgarian military bases”, said Nikolay Syinarov, the Minister of Defense of the country. He did not say which bases will be occupied by the US. Since coming to power five years ago, Defense Secretary of USA, Donald Ramsfeld, has indicated he wants to move bases from Western Europe to the east. Pentagon maintains a large base in Kosovo.

Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo is the largest USA military base in Eastern Kosovo. Pentagon wants to move more bases from Western to Eastern Europe.

Experts say Pentagon wants to stay in Bondsteel Camp even after the status of Kosovo is resolved. Bondsteel Camp is the largest US military base in Eastern Europe. RTK and Agencies

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Nusrat Borsha said...

The blog was quite detailed. There are so many us military bases around the world. For its information, updates and map using Military is very rational actually.