Sunday, May 29, 2005

ICG Report:: New trouble looms in Kosovo

Brussels, Belgium, The United Nations mission in Kosovo[Kosova] is a "facade" that is likely soon to provoke renewed violence in the Balkan region.
This was the gloomy conclusion of a new report by the Brussels-based International Crisis Group, which said the U.N. mission in Kosovo[Kosova] had little credibility among local people and was looking desperately for an "escape strategy."

"Recent weeks have seen an escalation in tension between (the two main ethnic Albanian political parties) so bitter that it risks spiraling into killings," the report said.

The report said six years after the end of the 1999 war between Serbian forces and NATO troops seeking to save ethnic Albanians from genocide, Kosovo was dangerously unstable yet again.

Without a sustained new effort by the international community, "Kosovo is likely to return to instability ... and again put at risk all that has been invested in building a European future for the Western Balkans," the ICG said.
Washington Times

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