Sunday, May 15, 2005

Kostunica proposes a meeting with Kosovo PM

BELGRADE -- Sunday - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has proposed that his first official meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi be held in Prizren on May 24.

“Kostunica and Coordination Center President Nebojsa Covic are ready to meet with Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi and his advisors on May 24 to discuss all problems facing the region of Kosovo.” said Srdjan Djuric, Chief of the Serbian government’s media office.

“Since Kosumi has shown a readiness to begin talks, and taking into consideration that there are many unsolved questions in the region, the Serbian government believes that serious steps must be taken.” Djuric said.

Kosumi’s spokesperson Daut Dauti told the Beta news agency that Prime Minister Kosumi is ready to meet with Kostunica, but has not received an official invitation to meet in Prizren on May 24 as of yet.
Kosovo PM has indicated he is ready to talk with Koshtunica about everything other then the final status of Kosova.

“When we receive the invitation, then we will decide where and when we will meet.” Dauti said. Kosovo PM, Bajram Rexhepi has indicated his readiness to talk with Koshtunica, while at same time stressing that he will not talk with any Serb officials regarding the final status of Kosovo. He will only talk with Koshtunica regarding practial problems ( i.e the missing persons , energy, refugees).
Beta and Agencies

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Kosumi to tell Serbia that he won't talk about the final status Of Kosovo. What an Idiot!