Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another commission supports Kosovo's Independence

WASHINGTON D.C., PRISTINA -- Wednesday – Bruce Jackson of the Western Balkans International Commission said that the commission believes that “the independent status of Kosovo[Kosova] should be recognized.”

Jackson, who is president of the Project for Democracy and Transition, said that the unresolved status of Kosovo is “ruinous for not only Kosovo[Kosova] but Serbia as well.” Jackson said that the Kosovo[Kosova] government should receive increased sovereignty as it progresses with implementing standards such as minority protection.

“During that period, Kosovo will remain under the supervision of the international community.” Jackson said, adding that Kosovo “will share its sovereignty with the European Union in the end.“

He added that Brussels is disappointed with the reactions coming from Belgrade regarding Kosovo which are “almost always nationalistic statements.”

“I think that such an angle supports a completely wrong interpretation of the European integration process. I am personally disappointed that leaders such as President Tadic and Prime Minister Kostunica do not understand that this report should be taken as good news by Belgrade.” Jackson said.

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