Thursday, June 09, 2005

Serbian Church remains silent on the "Srebrenica video"

Church silence no surprise
BELGRADE -- Thursday -The Serbian Orthodox Church has no right to bless arms or those who use them, religious sociologist Mirko Djordjevic said today.

Djordjevic was commenting on a videotape which came to light this month showing the Church's Father Gavrilo blessing members of the paramilitary Scorpions unit before they went to fight.

He said today that the Church had no right in dogma or canon to bless arms or armies. "Apart from that, this wasn't any kind of regular army unit but paramilitary formation going to war in another state. If nothing else, Father Gavrilo must have known that," he added.

"The silence of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the case of Father Gavrilo doesn't surprise me, there was a precedent in a similar incident in the recent past. You will remember Father Filaret who, in 1995, was photographed on a tank and, far from being reprimanded, he was promoted," said Djordjevic. It is worth noting also, that the Serbian Orthodox Church supported Milosevic's War in Kosovo[Kosova] as well. The head of the Serbian Church,Patriarch Pavle, praised Milosevic during the war as well as issuing statements in support of the Armies action in Kosova[Kosovo]. Beta and Kosovapress.

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