Monday, July 25, 2005

Three Kosovo Ministers to be fired?

PRISSTINA -- Kosovo governor Soeren Jessen Petersen has asked Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi for the dismissal of three ministers of the Kosovo government. Petersen is asking that Deputy Prime Minister Adem Saljihaj and Ministers Melijhat Trmkoli and Astrit Haracija be replaced before the start of status discussions in Kosovo for the misuse of power as officials of the Kosovo government. According to sources of the daily Koha Ditore, the three ministers may be dismissed at the beginning of September if Kosumi does not react by then, since Petersen is pushing for the status discussions to begin in the fall. The three ministers in question have been called out in the media several times for having alleged ties to criminal activity, misusing their parliamentary positions and being affiliated with the Homeland Security organization. All of these ministers belong to LDK, the largest political party in Kosova.
Koha Ditore

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