Monday, August 01, 2005

Swiss support Kosovo independence

PRISHTINA -- Monday – Switzerland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said in Pristina that her nation supports the independence of Kosovo[Kosova] under international supervision, because the idea of returning the region to the control of the Serbian government is undesirable and unrealistic.

She said that Kosovo[Kosova] is Switzerland’s priority in Southeast Europe, and is interested in intensive cooperation with Kosovo. Calmy-Rey met with Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova today.

According to the Swiss official, Switzerland is convinced that the current status of Kosovo is unacceptable and untenable, and that such a situation is getting in the way of Kosovo’s economic development.

“Moving towards formal independence must be done under the supervision of the international community and through talks with Belgrade.” she said.

Calmy-Rey said that the two legitimate demands of the Kosovo people should be honored.

“On one side there is the demand of the minority to live in security and to have equal rights in public institutions, and on the other side is the demand of the majority in Kosovo which wants to establish its right to self-appropriation.” Calmy-Rey said.

President Rugova said that Kosovo respects the demands of the international community to implement standards before beginning status discussions.

“I insist on the direct recognizing of the independence of Kosovo by the US and the European Union.” Rugova said.

Calmy-Rey is to meet with Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi today, as well as with leaders of the Kosovo opposition parties and Serbian political officials in Kosovo.

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