Friday, September 23, 2005

Belgrade “for compromise” on Kosovo[Kosova]

NEW YORK, -- Friday – Belgrade is for compromise on the issue of the final status of Kosovo[Kosova], Vuk Draskovic said today.

The federal foreign minister told the UN General Assembly that Belgrade is absolutely for compromise on the province’s future status and that the Serbian authorities have taken the maximum step forward in that direction, unlike the Kosovo[Kosova] Albanians who continue to demand only independence, and have not changed their position since before 1999.

“This compromise means that there is no unlimited autonomy or independence for Kosovo[Kosova] because it’s not possible for one side to get everything and the other to lose everything. Serbia-Montenegro is demanding a European degree of protection of the rights of national minorities in Kosovo, protection of the churches and monasteries and European status of the existing state borders with Macedonia and Albania.

“Nothing more, but nothing less, neither according to the UN Charter, nor according to the Security Council’s Resolution 1244,” said Draskovic.


Analysts, however, believe that Serbian politicians have a distorted view of reality. Bruce Jackson, of the International Commission for the Balkans, says that who Belgrade is planning to negotiate with is not clear to him because he believes that Kosovo and the international community will negotiate on standards.

“The administrative authority in Kosovo must reach certain standards if it wants the international community to devolve any kind of management to that authority. They will talk about that. I think that Belgrade has the mistaken perception that there will be direct negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade which can result in a compromise, with the abolition of the border, granting autonomy on the Swiss model or something similar. I think this is simply not the case. The border won’t be abolished and I think that Kosovo will keep the kind of independent status it has today,” said Jackson. B92

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