Thursday, September 29, 2005

Conditional Independence for Kosovo[Kosova]


Several Kosovo dailies talk about the idea of "conditional Independence" for Kosovo[Kosova].
Epoka e Re carries an opinion piece on ‘Conditional Independence’ from Ibrahim
Shala, who says that this proposal is an experiment of internationals.
Shala adds that
the freedom of Albanians is being conditioned, just like in the past, because of the
existence, ruling positions and privileges of Serbian community.
According to Shala the greatest tragedy would be that this model be implemented with
the endorsement of the Kosovan leadership.

Lajm, quoting Albanian media, writes that the Albanian Foreign Minister Besnik
Mustafaj gave his support to a Conditional Independence for Kosovo under the
supervision of European Union (EU). According to Mustafa, this solution would
encourage further political maturity amongst Kosovo institutions and politicians.
Mustafa added that Albania would continue to play a moderating role, to foster the
cooperation of Albanians with international community and support an intensive
dialogue of Pristina with Belgrade, writes Lajm.
Epoka, Lajm

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