Monday, September 26, 2005

Foreign analysts on Serbian plan for Kosovo

The plan of the Serbian authorities for the resolution of the Kosovo[Kosova] problem, according to which Serbia would get sovereignty and Kosovo[Kosova] legislative, executive and judicial power, is more of a description of the present situation and a wish by Belgrade, than a proposal for resolving the future status of the province,foreign analysts opine.

“That proposal is a wish by Belgrade to maintain the
present situation in Kosovo[Kosova], which the international community has already said is unsustainable. If that is what Belgrade will place on the table when negotiations commence, I have to say it is not very attractive,” Daniel Server, the Director of the Initiative for the Balkans at the Washington Institute for Peace told Blic.

“This is a wish by Belgrade to formalize the present situation in Kosovo. Albanians will reject that proposal because they accept nothing less than independence. The question is what the international community is going to say,” Tim Judah, British analyst and expert for the Balkans told Blic.

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