Monday, September 19, 2005

Kosovo and UN have one common thing

Common thing for Kosovo and UN –both with unresolved status

In an opinion piece in Koha Ditore, Brussels’ correspondent Augustin Palokaj
writes that the thing that Kosovo and the United Nations have in common now is
their unresolved status. ‘The difference is that Kosovo, which is under UN
administration, at least knows what it wants and where it wants to go. In the UN,
on the other hand, everything is unclear and chaotic on the day when leaders of
191 countries try to reach an agreement on reforms within this world
organisation,’ Palokaj says.
‘The fate of the people of Kosovo is that NATO didn’t listen to the UN in 1999
and intervened. The UN today is unorganised, complicated, confused and
suspected of corruption, therefore, in the settlement of Kosovo’s status it should
play only a formal role, to formalise what Kosovans decide in cooperation with the
Contact Group, the EU and the US,’ Palokaj adds.

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