Friday, September 16, 2005

Kosovo PM Supports Initiatives for Unity Government?

Prishtina-Kosovo- Kosovo daily,Express, reports that Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi is aware of the danger of losing the post of the Prime Minister and is ready to leave
the post if required in
order to strengthen the Kosovar political unity, be it through creating a ‘new
government’ conceived by senior international officials.
Express writes that Kosumi was not surprised to see the list of names for the
‘Technical Government’ the paper published yesterday. “Government of Kosovo
supports any initiative aimed at increasing unity and that does not damage unity,”
is the only comment Kosumi gave the paper.

According to the paper, the KTA deputy director, Ahmet Shala, whose name was
mentioned yesterday by the paper as the key candidate for the prime minister’s
post, has started preparations.

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