Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kostunica is Trying to Cut secret Kosovo Deal?

Serbian daily,Danas,writes that the former head of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo and the
Social Democratic Party leader Nebojsa Covic has expressed his concern that Serbian
PM Vojislav Kostunica is trying to cut a secret deal on Kosovo and has appealed on
Serbian political parties, the Democratic Party (DS) in particular, to prevent and
protect the national interests.
Covic also dismissed statements given by his successor Sanda Raskovic-Ivic that she
only presented the state proposal for settling the future Kosovo’s status, stressing that
he was always present at all sessions of the state leadership when Kosovo was
discussed and that nothing close to what Raskovic-Ivic presented had been agreed.
Covic assessed that it is dangerous for Belgrade to present its negotiating position
ahead of the upcoming talks and even before the completion of Kai Eide’s report,
especially the ones speaking about the executive, legislative and judicial powers.

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