Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Krasniqi's message to Serbs:You lost the war to Serbicise Kosovo

PDK General Secretary Jakup Krasniqi’s letter

Several Kosovo dailies carry an open letter the PDK(Opposition Party) General Secretary, Jakup Krasniqi,addressed to the Government and the people of Serbia.
Kosovo belongs to its citizens – Albanians and others who want to live together.
You lost the war to Serbicise Kosovo. You were here as oppressors and left as you
deserved. Kosovo is now turning to civilization and civic values. We want the
same to happen in your country, Epoka e Re quotes the letter.
Jakup Krasniqi asks the Serbian people to get rid of illusions that Kosovo will
return under Serbian rule, is the headline of Zëri to the letter. “For the sake of new
generations, leave old animosities created by anti-democratic regimes,” Krasniqi
said according to the paper.

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