Monday, September 26, 2005

The latest paradox of the Serbian President

In a front-page editorial in Kosovo daily ,Zëri, Blerim Shala criticises Serbian President Boris Tadic for his statement when he said that Serbs, Turks, Roma and other non-Albanians in Kosovo[Kosova] are living today in worse conditions than Albanians during the Milosevic regime.
“Tadic is most probably unaware about his accusation. As
far as his lies are concerned, they are so big that it is not worthy dealing with
them,” says Shala.
Shala also notes that if Serbs and other minorities live in conditions worse than
those of Albanians during the Milosevic regime, “this implies that all those that
have the power in Kosovo[Kosova] today, primarily the international community and the
local authorities, are worse than Milosevi c and his authorities”.
“KFOR is worse than the Yugoslav Army, and UNMIK Police and KPS are
greater culprits than the Serbian Interior Ministry. According to Tadic and his way
of thinking, all of them should be sent before the ICTY. Right?” Shala asks.

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