Monday, September 19, 2005

Police arrest four Serbian war crime suspects in Kosovo


Daily newspapers report on the pages that four Kosovo Serbs have been arrested
Sunday morning near Gračanica/Graçanicë on charges of committing war crimes
against Kosovo Albanians in April 1999 in the village of Slovinje/Sllovi near
Lipjan/Lipljan. Serbian media have even published their
names: the four men are brothers Zivorad, Slobodan and Milovan Maksimovic and their uncle, Ljubisa Peric. .
The four Kosovo Serbs were arrested by units of UNMIK Special Police after the
arrest warrant was issued by an international prosecutor. The four K-Serbs are now in the Detention Centre in Pristina.
Kosovo police representative Refki Morina could not give any details on the arrests, saying that the Kosovo police have received no information on the operation from UNMIK and KFOR officials.
Kosova Daily and B92

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