Friday, September 16, 2005

SRSG meets Prime Minister Kosumi

Prishtina-Kosovo ( Kosova)-The meeting between SRSG Jessen-Petersen and Prime Minister Bajram Kosumiis covered in all daily newspapers.
Koha Ditore notes on the front page that both
the SRSG and the PM are optimistic about the continuation of the process of
decentralisation. Both leaders are quoted by the newspaper as saying that they are
not going to allow the creation of mono-ethnic municipalities that would divide
Kosovo citizens into Albanians and Serbs.
The paper also says that the two leaders
have categorically ruled out another plan for decentralisation, ‘but have left the
door open for talks with Kosovo Serb representatives on their requests’. The
headline in Koha says PM Kosumi is ready for “compromise” with Serbs.
Under the headline Another door for the Serbs, Express says in its coverage that
‘the PM and the SRSG have agreed that Plan B for decentralisation should be
modified slightly in order to leave an open door to the Serb minority.’
Zëri reports that Jessen-Petersen and Kosumi believe that the negotiating team
nominated by President Rugova guarantees unity in Kosovo. The paper quotes the
PM as saying, ‘This was the final moment for swift actions in this direction and I
believe this negotiating team nominated by the President will guarantee the unity
of processes for moving forward.’
SRSG Jessen-Petersen is quoted as saying that he had constantly called for unity
among the political parties in Kosovo and in this process the leaders should also
respect diversity.
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