Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7,500 Serb “anti-terrorists” in Kosovo

Prishtina- Kosovo[Kosova]-
Self-proclaimed commander of Serb Antiterrorist Liberation Movement Mikan
Velinovic says that the movement has been created to prevent a “humanitarian crisis”
and presently has 7,500 members.

The organisation, also known by its acronym SOAP, has been created last year,
Velinovic told Koha Ditore. SOAP, for Velinovic, represents “resistance of all”,
especially of Kosovo Serbs against Albanian and International “terrorism.”
Velinovic, former chairman of Yugoslav Wrestling Federation, has had a televised
appearance a night after the incident in Shtrpce which left two Serbs dead.

He had said at the time, in TV Herz, that his forces were keeping villages of Firaja and Brod,inhabited by Albanian majority, under siege in order to “prevent any potential attack by Albanians.”

Velinovic, on the other hand, says his statement was taken out of context. “That was
not a siege in the classical sense of the word, we only kept them [two villages] under control,” he is quoted in Koha Ditore. He also said that his movement is not armed.

“I would say that our preventive activities cannot endanger the strategy of UN
Security Council and EU. On the contrary, with us, they can only become more effective in fighting terrorism,” added Velinovic. F.F
Koha Ditore

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