Thursday, October 27, 2005

Additional police troops deployed to western Kosovo

Prishtina-Kosovo[Kosova]-Koha Ditore reports that members of special police units and patrols from all KPS stations have sent patrols to their colleagues in Peja region. Citing unnamed sources,the paper reports that the KPS in Peja received reinforcement following the appearance of armed men calling themselves members of the Army for the Independence of Kosovo.At the same time, the paper’s official sources neither confirmed nor denied the deployment of reinforcement to Peja.
KPS spokesman Refki Morina said, “If a region asks for assistance work is coordinated and assistance is sent. I have no information as far as the deployment of additional patrols in Peja region is concerned”.In a separate box, Koha Ditore quotes General John Harrell, commander of KFOR Multinational Brigade East, as saying that the uniformed men who have appearedlately are paramilitary units that will not be tolerated. He also said if KFOR apprehended these persons they would deliver them to the police for further procedures. General Harrell also said the emergence of armed men in various parts of Kosovo constituted a concern for KFOR but added that, if they did exist, the police would deal with them. Meanwhile, KFOR was making efforts to investigate the matter.
In an article related to the issue, Lajm quotes British defence expert Charles Heiman as saying that peacekeeping troops in Kosovo should react more seriously toward the ppearance of armed groups in Kosovo. “Some people that I have contacted told me that such groups have no support among the people of Kosovo and that citizens don’t want violence or instability,” Heiman told Radio Free Europe. According to Heiman,
reports of armed groups are exaggerated. F.F

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