Monday, October 03, 2005

Albanian Govt supports conditional independence, opposition objects

The position of Albania’s government and opposition with regard to solution of
Kosovo’s status differ in “octave”, the paper writes on the front page. Albanian
FM Besnik Mustafaj had “mentioned” the concept of conditional independence
for Kosovo whilst in New York, but when asked to elaborate he said,
“This option means independence,” and that, “This is the best [option] as it enjoys the support of the European community.”

The Albanian opposition, on the other hand, has said is does not favour the statement of Mustafaj but failed to state what their preferred solution for Kosovo is, Koha Ditore writes. In previeous statements ,though, the opposition has indicated that it supports full independence. Some view the stance of the opposition as political, intended to score points with the Albanian electorate. F.F

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Anonymous said...

albanians want full independance, we will get it by war or peace, serbia's choice,
Shqiptar for life bitches