Monday, October 17, 2005

Armed people appear in western Kosovo

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that the appearance of armed people in
Dukagjin region has forced the KPS regional command in Peja to extend the shift
of its members to 12 hours. Unnamed sources told the paper that the decision was
made one day before the expiring of the ultimatum that the so-called Army for the
Independence of Kosovo gave to members of the Kosovo Assembly to declare
independence. The Assembly members were warned that if they don’t make this
step, “their punishment will be capital.”

Koha Ditore also reports that on Thursday at around 9 PM in Pejë/Pec -
Ðakovica/Gjakovë highway at the entrance of the village of Hereç/Erec,
uniformed and masked members of this army stopped all vehicles that were
passing by. Residents of the village claim that the control lasted for 2 hours and a
KFOR vehicle was among the cars that were controlled. “We have information an
armed groups is operating in the area, but its not true that a Kfor vehicle was stoped" said a KFOR spokesman..F.F

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