Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Belgrade hopes to block Kosovo's Independence at th UN

Last hope of Belgrade: Blocking of Kosovo’s independence in UN Security
Council.An editorial in Zëri writes that the recent statements relayed by Belgrade authorities show that they still fail to understand the recent developments in international circles as regards Kosovo status. The Serbian President Boris Tadic has only now embraced the policy of ‘standards before status’ which was rebuked earlier by former Chief of Coordination Center Nebojsa Covic and termed as “ a highway toward Kosovo’ independence’ says the editorial.

The paper notes that the Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has
abandoned the formula ‘more than autonomy, less that independence’ predicting that ‘UNSC will not allow the experiments on sovereignty and integrity of a democratic country [Serbia]”. This, according to the paper, explains that Serbia’s hope is that Kosovo’s independence will be blocked by UNSC, which is contrary to what happens in reality, writes Zëri.

The editorial elaborates that the UNSC will not have any significant role during status talks as previous experiences during conflicts in former Yugoslavia have shown that the Contact Group mainly takes the important decisions.F.F

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Anonymous said...

You serbs are all funny people, you really dont give a shit about Kosova. All you want is COMPENSATION!!! to help re-build a country wich has a history with only lost War´s... wow you must be pride!