Monday, October 03, 2005

Belgrade Mosque still not restored

BELGRADE -- Serbia – Mufti Hamdija Jusufspahic said that the Serbian Government has not kept its promise to completely restore the Bajrakli mosque.

“We are satisfied with our relationship with the Ministry of Religion, but I must say that the senior officials of the Government, the president and the prime minister, have not kept their promises.” Jusufspahic said, adding that there is no cemetery for Muslims in Belgrade currently.

“I hope that Serbia will be more committed to being a true democratic nation and take care of its obligations towards its Muslim population, and we will remain loyal and correct towards the citizens of this nation.” he said.

The mosque in question was destroyed in a fire set to it on March 17, 2004, in response to the violence against Serbs which took place in Kosovo that day.

In an unrelated note, the Kosovo[Kosova] government has set aside several million euros to restore the churches destroyed that day but the serb community has refused to allow the government to start the reconstruction. F.F


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