Thursday, October 27, 2005

China Supports Serbia’s Territorial Integrity?

Serb minister claims China's baking on Kosovo

SCG Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic, who is currently visiting China, told Beta news
agency upon meeting with his Chinese counterpart Li Zhaoxing, that the latter
"pointed out that China staunchly supports the territorial integrity of Serbia, a secure
life for the Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija, the reconstruction
of destroyed homes and churches, and international guarantees for the return of those
expelled from the province." He added that “in the forthcoming negotiations on the
future status of Kosovo and Metohija, China will advocate the reaching of an
agreement between the state union of Serbia-Montenegro and representatives of the
Albanian nation in Kosovo and Metohija, and will oppose any imposed solutions that
would jeopardize the territorial integrity of Serbia and of Serbia-Montenegro." Both
ministers agreed that being hasty and setting deadlines for the negotiations were not
the right way for the talk s, and could be counter-productive. In an address to the
Institute for International Relations in Beijing, Draskovic said he “assessed the
demand by the Albanian side for the proclamation of independence as a clear and
open request for the creation of another Albanian state,” and, adding that “there are no
two France, Italy or China, nor two Serbia for that matter and consequently, there
could be no two Albania,” he concluded that “a status that is larger than autonomy but
smaller than independence would be the maximum compromise and best pro-
European offer from Serbia, to which Kosovo is a part of,” RTS reported. F.F

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Anonymous said...

Who said that china will back serbian tery-orist...??....vuk aslo forgot to mention that serbia has occupied Kosova during 1912-13 and also Kosova is 95 % albanian that have nothing in commen with serbs.. vukce nice try but chineese are no dummies....Albania was the first country to help chineese in the U.N and they know that..KOSOVA INDIPENDANT THE ONLY SOLUTION otherewise serbs are calling for new WAR in the balkans..