Monday, October 03, 2005

Conditional Independence for Kosovo?

BELGRADE -- Serbia – Dusan Janjic said that Kosovo may be granted conditional independence if Belgrade refuses to cooperate.

“If Belgrade does not agree to a cooperative solution, the international community will organize a conference and force Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s conditional independence. It becomes clearer every day that Belgrade does not have a clear strategy regarding Kosovo’s final status and is trying to conceal this fact through sharpened rhetoric.” the director of the Forum for Ethnic Relations said.

“Serbian President Boris Tadic continues to speak about former UNMIK chief Michael Steiner’s ‘standards before status’ plan, even though it is clear that the international community has abandoned that concept. Tadic has chosen the tactic of doing nothing, increasing rhetoric, and letting Washington and Brussels impose a solution.” Janjic said.

“Washington and Brussels are asking Belgrade to first start dealing with technical problems, from automotive licence plates to passports and other documents, and to participate in raising the level of security.” Janjic told daily Gradjanski List. B92

Montgomery: Conditional independence for Kosovo

In an unrelated event,former US ambassador in Belgrade, William Montgomery, has assessed that the result of negotiations on the final status of Kosovo will be independence of the province under certain conditions.

In an interview to Radio Television Republika
Srpska, Montgomery said he thought this would be a solution and that he was “worried that politicians in Serbia knew this, but are not telling as they know this would be a big problem when it occurs.”

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