Wednesday, October 26, 2005

From Prime Ministers visit to Tirana

Prishtina- Kosovo-
All Kosovo daily newspapers cover the visit by Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi
to Tirana and the meeting with his Albanian counterpart Sali Berisha. The
latter is quoted as saying in Koha Ditore, “Kosovo’s final status must be
resolved in compliance with the will of the people of Kosovo. The process will
certainly happen after guaranteeing better standards for the Serb minority and
other minorities in Kosovo.” The press quotes both Prime Ministers as saying that independence is the only solution for Kosovo.
The newspapers quote the Kosovo PM as saying that in the status talks, Albania
must play a more active role than an observer. “As always, the role of Tirana is
powerful and will become even more powerful in the final phase of the process.
It was always positive and we strongly hope that it will always be positive.”

Asked about the fact that his visit to Tirana was occurring at the same time as
the SC meeting, Prime Minister Kosumi said “the trip to Tirana was within the
framework of what is happening surrounding the final phase of making the state of Kosovo”.
Koha Ditore notes that after the meeting in Tirana, both Kosumi and Berisha
have excluded Serbia from the process, criticizing its negative role at the star
of negotiations.

In separate articles, several daily newspapers also cover a statement made by
Albanian President Alfred Moisiu in support of an independent Kosovo. Zëri
quotes Moisiu as saying that the solution for Kosovo must be conducted in a
manner that will not create problems in the future. The Albanian President
also said that the solution must be reached by the citizens of Kosovo in
cooperation with the international community. F.F

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