Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gul Meets Kosovo Leaders

PRISTINA - Turkish FM & Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul met separately Kosovar Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi and parliamentarians in Pristina on Tuesday.

Sources said that parliamentarians stated in the meeting that Turkish soldiers played an important role in Kosovo.

Parliamentarians stressed that they believed that Turkey would contribute to determination of the final status of Kosovo, asking Turkey's support to economic development and elimination of infrastructure problems in Kosovo.

After his meeting with parliamentarians, Gul had a meeting with PM Kosumi.

Gul noted that Turkey supported UN process in regard to the future of Kosovo, stating that Turkey was in favor of peace, stability and cooperation in Balkans.

Kosumi stressed that he knew that Turkey would always extend support to determination of the final status of Kosovo, adding that he believed that Kosovo would be independent in June 2006.

In a seperate meeting Abdullah Gul met Soren Jessen Petersen, chief of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), and Kosovar Parliament Speaker Nexhat Daci.

''Since there have been historical and cultural ties between Turkey and Kosovo, we monitor all developments in Kosovo. We want a democratic, multi-cultural, peaceful and prosperous Kosovo,'' he told reporters after the meetings.

Gul is scheduled to meet President Ibrahim Rugova of Kosovo, NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) Commander Gen. Guiseppe Valotto and several other politicians. F.F
Turkish Press

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