Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hard year for Serbia

BELGRADE -- Wednesday – Serbian President Boris Tadic says that he does not believe the major power will change their attitude on Kosovo

The president says that the reason foreign politicians are insisting on the beginning of status talks for the province, despite the negative assessments in the report by special UN envoy Kai Eide, is that the foreign powers with troops in Kosovo want to cut the cost of maintaining those troops.

Tadic says that he doesn’t believe it is possible to convince the major power to change their attitude because Serbia no longer has the clout in foreign politics which Yugoslavia once had.

“Nevertheless, the matter is not closed. Our diplomatic potential lies elsewhere because we need to defend our interests by insisting that the part of Eide’s report which talks about the intolerable position of the non-Albanian ethnic communities in Kosovo. We need to appeal for world and European standards to be taken into consideration. There is a hard year ahead for Serbia,” said the president.

Tadic also called for Serbia to enter the year of negotiations with optimism and a clear plan and goals, despite the difficulties.

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