Thursday, October 06, 2005

Independence is best solution for Montenegro

NEW YORK -- Thursday – International Crisis Group Director James Lyon said that the EU may have a change of heart concerning the unity of Serbia-Montenegro.

Commenting on the opinions of people who say Montenegro is better off with Serbia, Lyon said that these people are not very familiar with the regional situation.

“There are some people who are afraid that Montenegro will gain independence, but they are not up on what is going on in the region and are not aware of the fact that Montenegrin independence would give Serbia the opportunity to focus on its own problems and finally become a factor in the stability of the region.” Lyon said.

“Serbia is not a factor of stability today, rather of instability. I think that the European Union and the international community will gradually change their positions and ideas on Montenegro and its independence. I don’t think that they will be thrilled with the idea, but nor will they try to stop it. They know that there is no reason to be against it, and that Montenegro may be able to enter the EU faster without Serbia and Serbia may be able to do the same without Montenegro.” Lyon said.

In a related note,the government of Montenegro, headed by PM Djukanovic, has promised to make the state independent by April 2006.The opposition, which was allied with Milosevic during 1990's, is opposed to the move. Most parties in Serbia oppose Independence, but there are a few who support it.Serbian parties fear that the Indepence of Montenegro will make it a lot easier for Kosovo [Kosova] to achieve the same status, which is why most Albanians across the region support Indendent Monenegro.F.F

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