Thursday, October 27, 2005

Independence is our compromise, no need to waste time on anything else

PRISTINA -- Thursday – Kosovo Parliamentary Speaker Nexhat Daci said that Kosovo Albanians will only accept independence.

“Albanians cannot, dead or alive, accept anything but the independence of Kosovo, because in any other variation, the Parliament and Government of Kosovo does not have jurisdiction. We have clearly told the international community and NATO not to waste their energy, time and money on any other variation, because out compromise is independence for Kosovo.” Daci said.

“We will be the rulers of out own state and nation, and it is wrong to think that such a stance does not allow for discussions with the international community and Serbia. There are many problems that must be taken care of during these talks. We will talk about standards which must be implemented for the citizens of Serbian nationality in Kosovo, and we are prepared to make sure that the Serbian community has a fixed number of representatives in the parliament and we will open up the question of many other standards that will allow Kosovo to become a democratic state for the Serbian community as well.” the house speaker said.

“We will also be seeking war reparations, which Kosovo will be asking of Serbia for the 124,000 destroyed and pillaged homes, and the 14,000 civilians killed. I am sorry that the Serbian people will have to pay for the idiocy of the Serbian politicians, but the current Kosovo Government will be putting war reparations on the top of its list for discussion with Belgrade.” Daci said.

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