Friday, October 07, 2005

KFOR Commander Giuseppe Valotto visits KPC

From left: Admiral Michael Mullen with KFOR LTG Yves de Kermabon and KPC Commander LTG Agim Ceku during a photo op earlier this year.KFOR

Yesterday’s meeting between KFOR Commander Giuseppe Valotto and KPC(Kosova Protection Corps]Commander Gen.Agim Ceku was among top news in Kosovo dailies.
Under the headline ‘General Valotto pledged KFOR support to KPC’, Koha Ditore
writes that Valotto and Ceku discussed about their cooperation and the future status of KPC.

After the meeting, Ceku said that ‘there will be support from KFOR in general and
from General Valotto particularly to the process which Kosovo is going through and
to KPC when defining the security architecture in Kosovo” writes Zëri .
Zëri writes that Valotto pledged a continuous KFOR support to KPC, adding that the
future of KPC depends on the future status of Kosovo. However he express his
willingness to see that KPC is getting the responsibilities it deserves. F.F

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