Monday, October 10, 2005

Kosovo accepts Eide's remarks, exuberant over recommendation

“Eide’s report is balanced, thorough and presents the achievements and
weaknesses as well as the work that needs to be done. We, of course, expect
UN Security Council approve the recommendations,’ the paper quotes UNMIK
chief Søren Jessen-Petersen.

The paper reports that main political parties of Kosovo have expressed their
views on the report. Kosovo Presidency has welcomed Eide’s recommendation
for start of status talks. “There are better results in some areas, less progress in
others; stagnation and defects as well,” said Spokesman Muhamet Hamiti.

PDK’s official Enver Hoxhaj said that the report is “realistic reflection of social
and economic condition as well as of interethnic relations in Kosovo.” AAK
spokesman Ernest Luma said the report will push forward the start of talks for
final status of Kosovo[Kosova]. ORA officials have also welcomed the report and said it presents realistic picture of the situation in Kosovo.

In a related note, Serbian media have been reporting that Belgrade officials are not happy with the report. B92 reports tha the Serbian Presiden's Advisor for Political issues Leon Kojen has assessed that Serbia has no reason to be satisfied with the report by UN Special Envoy Kai Eide, but stated that it also contains ''a lot of sober thoughts and reasonable recommendations.''

He assessed that Serbia's discontent with Eide's report
doesn't only stem from the recommendation for negotiations on the future
status to commence, as this was expected since the Contact Group member
countries, especially the US and Great Britain, had been more or less openly
advocating the commencement of talks.

''An uncomfortable surprise represent many assessments in Eide's report that go over the key facts or represent them in a totaly inadequate manner,'' said Kojen. He assessed Eide's report, nevertheless, despite being selective in certain parts to the detriment of the truth and facts, as containing a «lot of sober and reasonable
''This first of all refers to the carefully written part on
decentralization, which observes the real problems more than the past
international documents, and recommends adequate solutions,'' said Kojen. F.F

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