Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kosovo PM: Serbia has an opportunity to deal with its past and future

Prime Minister Kosumi’s interview to Tagesspiegel

Prishtina-Kosovo[Kosova]-Several Kosovo daily newspapers carry the interview that Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi gave to the German daily Tagesspiegel. The PM was quoted as saying that Kosovo’s independence is a good opportunity for Serbia to deal more freely and constructively with its past and future.

“I believe that Belgrade, Brussels and Washington know the fact that the time
of Belgrade’s rule over Kosovo has passed. There are Serbs that want to be part of the progress in the new and democratic and multiethnic Kosovo, but they are
still intimidated. I am certain that after the resolution of status they will cooperate,” said the Prime Minister.

Kosumi reiterated that independence is Kosovo’s future and said that the
negotiating group should respect the people’s will but also added that “Serbia has some rights and that compromises need to be reached”. “This can include the protection of Serb cultural heritage such as orthodox monasteries and churches. We want to offer the Serb minority what is needed – political and cultural protection, human and civic rights and participation in the public life,” the PM was quoted as saying.

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