Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kosovo PM visited Macedonia today

Skopje-Macedonia-Kosovo PM Bajram Kosumi has held a meeting today in Skopje [Shkup] with his Macedonian counterpart Vlado Buckovski. Kosovo’s public television (RTK) reports that the two discussed the border demarcation between Macedonia -Kosovo and Macedonia’s position on the future status of Kosovo [Kosova]. There was no press conference after the meeting.

A few days ago the Macedonian PM had invited Kosumi to Skopje [Shkup] for official talks. This was a first time for a country [other than Albania] to invite Kosovo’s PM for official talk- foreign policy is considered UNMIK’s privilege. Normally countries invite UNMIK’s head if they want to talk something about Kosovo.

This meeting comes in light of the latest speculation that Macedonia is ready to recognize Kosovo’s Independence if it is guaranteed by Kosovo’s Assembly that its sovereignty will be respected. Kosovo government officials responded yesterday that of course Kosovo respects Macedonia’s sovereignty and there is no need for the Assembly to get involved in something as trivial as this. F.F


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

pethatic loosers, it is not that sebs are angry cause they know that kosova is indipenant...but they are worried of whats to come
such as monete negro , voyvodina and sanjak.I bet you a serb ass that things will change in the near future after Kosova and M.N gain international recognission serbia will be a 3 federal republic and these are Voyvodina, sanjak and mala serbia...he he he look europeans dont want a nazzi contry in their union they are warning serbia regarding voyvdina they mus grant the same attonomy the had durin the Fuckin Former republic of yogo-zasatava

Anonymous said...

kosovo an metohija will never be independant from serbia...serbia is kosovo and metohija. albanians are terorists.