Monday, October 31, 2005

Kosovo should change its name?

Skopje- Macedonia-Kosovo daily Express carries an interview with head of the Albanian Democratic Party in Macedonia, Arbën Xhaferi. According to the paper, among other issues, Xhaferi says Kosovo cannot be a functioning state with two million inhabitants. It should unite with Albania. Kosovo's name is a Slavic notion, therefore the name should be changed in ‘Dardania’.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Xhaferi.

Ferick said...

Xhaferi u ba ma Hoxhe si Hoxha qitash. Pse nuk i folke keto fjale kur u kane ne Pushtet? I think he is trying to score political points more than anything. But I suppose it helps to keep the pressure on Macedonians- this should serve as a warrning to Macedonians that they better get with the "program" or else.......

Anyway, a lot of Albanians would agree with what he is saying. The question is how much does it matter what he is saying? Other than keeping the pressure on Macedonians, not much. Xhaferi has been marginalized as an Albanian politician in Macedonia by Ahmeti. I think he is been radicalized as a result- this is the only way for him to tell people that he is still around.