Tuesday, October 11, 2005


A source from AAK has told the Lajm that Ramush Tahiri, advisor to Kosovo
Assembly Speaker and member of AAK, is in the initial stages of negotiations for
having the current government coalition merge into one single political entity. If the plan succeeds, the source says, the party would be called the Democratic Union of
Kosovo and the initiators plan to have Ramush Haradinaj lead the party.

The paper writes that the initiative seeks to prevent possible divisions in LDK since
Rugova, faced with official post requirement and his illness, doesn’t have time to
devote to his party. The source added that both parties fear that a worsening of
Rugova’s health condition may catapult PDK into power.

The same source told Lajm that most of AAK Chairmanship endorsed the idea, except
its Secretary Ahmet Isufi. The vanguards of this project, the paper says, are Naim
Maloku and AAK Secretary for Organizational Affairs Ramiz Lladrovci. Asked by
Lajm to comment on the speculations Lladrovci said, “We never discussed about it in
AAK Chairmanship. We are in coalition with LDK and in my opinion it is functioning
very well. Even though Tahiri is a friend of mine, we never discussed this”.

Tahiri, on the other hand, has denied the initiative. LDK Spokesperson Lulzim Zeneli
said that LDK doesn’t need to merge with any othe r party, adding that “LDK has
operated for 16 years and it is a party that won all elections. We symbolize the project of independence of Kosovo, and we don’t need to merge with any other party”.
The paper adds that only Daci’s supporters, constituting one of the factions of LDK
increasingly appearing in public since Rugova’s confirmation of his illness, know
about the idea. F.F

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