Thursday, October 27, 2005

Local and International leaders comment on UN Security Council decision

Local and International officials conitue to comment the historic decision of UNSC to lauch Kosovo talks.
Here is a brief summery:

All dailies ca rry reactions of Kosovan politicians in the aftermath of the UN Security
Council meeting which opened the path for the launch of the status talks.
Bota Sot quotes PM Bajram Kosumi as saying that the SC meeting has opened the
process for concluding the making of the state of Kosovo.
Enough with provisional status, Kosovans want final status, is the headline Koha
Ditore carries on the second page. The politicians interviewed by the paper said they
would like the Security Council to recognize the requests of Kosovo for final status.
According to the paper, AAK deputy leader Naim Maloku said the “message he got
from the SC is that Kosovo is going to be independent”. Maloku said one thing was
certain, Kosovo would be independent and never again under Serbia.
In another article in Koha, DPM Adem Salihaj called the meeting “historical for
Kosovo” and added that the “S ecurity Council decision is a result of the work of the
Government, other institutions, civil society and all the people of Kosovo”. The paper
notes that the requests of Kosovan officials for a permanent status were made one day
after the UNSC said that talks should start on the future status and not the final status
of Kosovo. Even in the official declaration, says the paper, the SC has mentioned the
term “future status” and not “final status”.
LDK deputy leader Kolë Berisha told Koha that another provisional phase is out of
the question. He said the final status should be the reward for everything that Kosovo
has accomplished so far. “Independ ence is non-negotiable. We can talk to Serbia
about many things, but not about status – which is independence.”
Zëri also writes that political and institutional leaders of Kosovo welcomed the SC
decision and called it a historical moment for Kosovo. “The next step according to
political and institutional leaders is the independence of Kosovo,” says Zëri.
Zëri quotes Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi as saying, “This important and historical
decision for the people of Kosovo will pave way for Kosovo’s path toward a peaceful
future. An independent Kosovo will be an example for civic democracy, co-existence
and respect for human values. It will help in creating sustainability in the region and
for Kosovo’s overall development.”
The PM also said the process of talks will help establish a climate of understanding
and overcome differences between Kosovo and Serbia, “and it will also help resolve a
series of open issues for both countries”.
The paper also quotes Muhamet Hamiti, spokesman for President Rugova, as saying,
“We welcome the endorsement of the Security Council for the start of the process of
resolving Kosovo’s political status. In UN language, they are calling it the future
status of Kosovo. Whatever we call this goal, the solution for Kosovo is full
independence in compliance with basic democratic principles”. Express reports that
the Office of the President insists that the only solution is full independence even
though the international community calls for compromise.
Epoka e Re reports that apart from the Government, PDK leader Thaçi also welcomes
the decision of the Security Council and says that it will give international legitimacy
to the process of resolving Kosovo’s status. Thaçi, the lead er of the Opposition, is
quoted as saying by the press that the best aid the international community can give to
Kosovo and its future is to make a quick decision recognising it as a sovereign and
independent state.
Express quotes the PDK leader as saying that the best and strongest platform for talks
is the will of the people that needs to be institutionalised by the Kosovo Assembly
through the resolution recently proposed by the PDK. Thaçi also said he was certain
that the resolution for independence would be endorsed.
Epoka e Re reports that the KLA War Veterans have objected to the SC decision
saying that there should be no negotiations on Kosovo’s status and that the will of the
people of Kosovo must be respected. Faton Klinaku, a senior representative of the
War Veterans told the paper that the Kosovo Negotiating Team should not have been
formed, “because their actions are in discordance with the people’s will”.
“The people elected them for independence and not to hold negotiations on Kosovo’s
status,” Klinaku added.
Daily newspapers also quote Serbian President Boris Tadic as saying that the Kosovo
solution can be imposed on Serbia. Zëri says that Tadic has told Serbs to prepare for
the worst. “The people of Serbia should have no illusions that the international
community is not going to impose a solution for Kosovo. This is something for which
I am not prepared, but it can happen,” Tadic told Reuters. Tadic added that their
position is very difficult but not hopeless. Therefore, they need to work hard to
accomplish their interests.
Koha Ditore quotes German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer as saying that the
German Government welcomes the SC decision for the start of negotiations on
Kosovo’s final status. “Parties in Pristina and Belgrade, but also in neighbouring
countries, should have a clear path toward Kosovo’s final status,” said Fischer. He
also added that the international community would not accept unilateral steps,
“therefore compromise is needed from all parties”.F.F

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