Thursday, October 13, 2005

Macedonia and Croatia Do Not Oppose Kosovo’s Independence

Tirana-Albania- Macedonia and Croatia had not opposed Albania’s suggestion for Kosovo’s receiving a conditional independence since such a solution to Kosovo issue might bring some stability in the region, the Albanian Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj stated as cited by the Makfax agency.

In an interview with the Albanian newspaper Koha Jone Mustafaj points out that European diplomat have not opposed that either. F.F


Capo de mafia said...

Kosovo is only a gangster paradies and a black mailing system from Europa, USA and the mafiosi system of UNMIK-UN

Anonymous said...

I wonder will Macedonia also accept the independance of the Western Macedonia once the talks for final status of it start? ...
Or they live in a dream that they will keep their country as a whole by trying to deceive the Albanians that they are actually on "their"side by issueing a statement that they have nothing against the independance of Kosovo.
You have been and you will stay chicken