Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Message from America

Koha Ditore chose the message of US Under Secretary Nicholas Burns for its
‘Plus ofthe week’ column.
The paper says the US has set the timeframe and rules of ‘the game’ for status
talks and once more reiterated its dedication to have the issue solved. During
his visit in Kosovo Burns said that status talks should start within 30 days and none of the parties will have the right of veto during status talks adding that
the use of violence as a mean to impose the solution on other party will not be tolerated.

The paper carries the quotes of Burns saying that Kosovan political leadership
should stand united on the eve of, and during, status talks and not repeat the Rambouillet scenario, and that “the train of negotiations will not stop. It has
to move forward. This is the will of International Community, and particularly the will of Kosovo people. So,there is no veto.”
According to Koha, what made the news deserve to be Plus of the Week even more is
the fact that the message brought by Burns demonstrates the US determination that
the issue of Kosovo can no longer be prolonged.

The regular column also carries the Minus of the Week, and the newspaper has
chosen ‘KFOR, Police and 7.500 other minuses’ for it.
The caption says that ne ither local and international security authorities
haven’t reacted to the statement of Mikan Velinovic, leader of so-called ‘Serbian Movement for Protection and Anti-terrorism’ where he pointed out that his organization has 7,500 members who are ‘peacefully’ fighting against Albanians.F.F
Koha Ditore

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Anonymous said...

In case somebody missed it, America says:

"This is the will of International Community, and particularly the will of Kosovo people."