Monday, October 31, 2005

National Albanian Army wants Presevo Valley to join Kosovo

Prishtina-Kosovo- Kosovo daily Koha Ditore reports on the creation of a new Albanian army in the territory of
Presevo Valley. According to the paper, the National Albanian Army has issued the first communiqué calling for
Presevo Valley to join Kosovo. “We don’t recognize negotiations and decisions by Belgrade or Pristina if
Eastern Kosovo[Presevo Valley] remains in the hands of the Serbian invader, because this too is Kosovar land,”
said the communiqué.

The NAA also said the reason for its creation was the fact that the UCMPB in Presevo Valley had been betrayed
by the international and Albanian political factors. Zëri says two hand grenades exploded near a police station in
Bujanovac on the same night that the NAA issued its first communiqué. Epoka e Re reports on an increased presence
of “professional soldiers of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro in the border between Kosovo and Presevo Valley”.F.F

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