Monday, October 17, 2005

New international presence characterises Kosovo’s new status

Koha Ditore on page two carries an extensive article on the future presence of the
international community. Throughout the article, Koha refers to Ambassador
Eide’s report and his recommendations. The paper says that Eide has
recommended that the EU, KFOR and OSCE remain in Kosovo.

In the subheader, Koha quotes unnamed sources in NATO and OSCE as saying
that there has been talk “on signing agreements with the capital of the
neighbouring country (Serbia) if Kosovo’s status is resolved as a conditional
independence”. “As far as the EU is concerned, its representatives have already
suggested the establishment of contractual reports with Kosovo in the light of
integration,” the paper added.

Diplomatic sources in Brussels have told the newspaper that EU structures are
already making plans for a police mission in Kosovo and that they are using the
police missions in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as examples.
On the future role of the OSCE in Kosovo, the paper quotes sources as saying that
the OSCE mission would focus on some sort of monitoring and recommendation
or intervention especially in institution building, functioning institutions, capacity
building and implementation of obligations deriving from standards.F.F

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